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About EMA Solutions

Our Story

Our Awesome Story

EMA Solutions was founded by our CEO Dawn De Coteau over 21 years ago.

Utilising her senior management expertise, academic and professional qualifications Dawn’s plan was and remains to build an exceptional legal practice and management consultancy business, equipped to assist organisations across all sectors to make sound business decisions, to enable them to secure their organisations sustainability and longevity. Applying these basic but fundamental principles is at the core of all EMA Solutions operations.

It is through application of our fundamental principles over the years, that enabled the business to expand in 2014 to incorporate the Legal Services element of the company. The objective here is to provide a ‘one stop’ service to our numerous corporate clients, as well as provide and offer legal advice to individual customers.

At EMA Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering excellent, competitive and high quality services that makes a difference for every client – whether a corporate organisation or an individual client. We value all our customers and focus on giving the best customer and client experience. EMA Solutions were one of the first fused management consultants and legal practitioner on the tri island state.

We recognise that no two projects or client enquiries are the same. Instead we listen and understand our clients needs. We then work with our clients and devise the best strategy to achieve the desired outcome. This is replicated across the legal services element of the business where for all our clients we are well placed to take instructions across our legal services whether through the consultancy arm or legal practice element.

As a business we driven by continuous improvement and this is demonstrable through the numerous commissions and successful delivery over the years. Some of our consultancy commissions include::

• National Health Service (England) – PREVENT Counter Terrorism Programme Management

• Catalyst Housing – Service Scrutiny Review/Capacity Building

• Grenada Co-operative Bank – Human Resource consultancy and Capacity Building

• Country Cold Store – Business Management Consultancy

• Grenada Employer’s Federation – Business Development Capacity Building

• QUINN Building Co – Business Capacity Building

• Grenada Communal Credit Union – Business review & Capacity Building

• National Insurance Grenada – Business Capacity Building

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Delivery of our service in accordance with our clients and customer needs is dependent on both the skills and expertise within the team. The team at EMA consists of highly experienced consultants and associate who work brilliantly together to ensure all clients objectives are met across all areas of the business.

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