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Capacity Building, Training & Development

EMA Solutions have a solid reputation with both private and individual clients for imparting meaningful capacity building and training programmes over the years at the end.

Our business recognize that in order to develop, businesses and individuals have to invest resources to build their knowledge and skill base. This is fundamentally important to ensure organisations remain real competitors within their business field.

We are proud to have developed and implemented over 100 capacity building, development and training programmes over the years and facilitated various programmes to over 10,000 participants – an achievement of which we are extremely proud.

Examples of some of programmes are listed below.


• PREVENT – Counter Terrorism

• Strategic Intervention

• Strategy Development and implementation

• Customer Care

• Performance Management

• Sustainable Business in current economic climate

• Project & Programme Management

• Equality, Diversity & Human Rights

• Maximising Productivity

• Value for Money


• Devising effective marketing strategies

• Running an effective campaign political

• Running an effective campaign non-political

• Managing Business campaigns

• Market Research


• Effective Human Resources

• Effective Organisational Development

• Roles of Management

• Disciplinary & Capability

• Change Management

• Communication

• Appraisal Skills

• Risk Assessment

• Manual Handling

• Health & Safety

• Coaching & Mentoring

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